‘They seem to give every wine maximum allusive throttle. Andrew Jefford

These exquisite mouth-blown crystal glasses, from one of the smallest and most esteemed houses in Austria, take wine drinking to a new level. To hold, they feel wickedly fragile and lithe. Pour some wine in to them, and the liquid comes alive, illuminating a psychedelic swirl of aromas and flavors.

While you may be tempted to lock them away for special occasions, they are surprisingly resilient and dishwasher safe. Lead free, the universal glass is a brilliant all-rounder. Aged Chablis, young barbera or grower Champagnes are a joy to be sipped in these. They’re called ‘universal’ for a reason as they make for a perfect drinking partner for all wine styles (we also found single malts sing in these).

We are offering the Zalto ‘Denk-Art’ Universal glasses. Named after Austrian wine expert, Hans Denk, who was involved in the design process. These are stunning wine glasses, beautiful to taste with and to touch.

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