Ambrosial champagne is unforgettable – a glass of a rare and revered vintage champagne can be revelationary. Each sip is slow, you never want it to end. And it tastes even better when you share it with a friend. These special champagnes create lifelong memories, worthy of marking some of the best times in your life.

Unfortunately, all champagnes aren’t made equal. Though some may look beguiling with their coiffe labels, the flavours fizzle out too soon. They fail to impress you and your guest.

We’re happy to offer some insider information. If you’ve got something special to celebrate – you’ll need a bottle of Ulysse Collin champagne. These scarce and pure champagnes are spellbinding!

Ulysse Collin crafts mesmerising champagnes. All are single-site wines (five in total, from four different lieux-dit). The fruit is thoughtfully farmed and fermented with native yeasts, the wines are beautifully expressive and complex. Serving as an apprentice to Selosse in the early 2000’s, some say they even eclipse those of his master!

“Collin’s boundless energy and enthusiasm come through so clearly in the fine, artisan Champagnes. Virtually all of the emphasis is on the vineyards… the terroir signatures are clearly marked, while the precision in the wines is uncanny.” Antonio Galloni,

Based in Sezanne, Collin has vineyards in both the north and south of the region. In the far north sits Côtéaux du Petit Morin. Although close to Epernay, the terrain is markedly different from the Côte des Blancs. In his book, Champagne, Peter Liem notes, “…the area around Cogny feels more rural, with scattered blocks of vines amidst open fields and forested hills”. The soils of the region are diverse – chalk in the north where chardonnay reigns and clay in the south where pinot prevails.

We have received a very small allocation of these magical Champagnes. Please don’t delay if you’d like to secure a bottle or two. Send us an email with your wish-list and reply via email to confirm.

2015 Ulysse Collin Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Les Pierrières Offer $207 (Retail $230)
“… tense, vibrant and wonderfully focused. In this release, the Les Pierrières is 40% 2015 and 60% 2014 juice that spent two years in oak, with the reserve wines no doubt contributing freshness and overall energy. Crushed rocks, citrus, white flowers and slate add striking layers of nuance. A slight touch of reduction adds character.” Antonio Galloni, Vinous

2014 Ulysse Collin Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Les Enfers Offer $287 (Retail $319)
“…a wine of tremendous breadth and staying power. Clay-rich soils in Cogny yield a Champagne of real textural resonance. Apricot, orange peel, vanilla and tropical overtones infuse 2014 with notable character. All the elements seem amplified in the Enfers, including a mousse that is a bit brawny.” Antonio Galloni, Vinous

2014 Ulysse Collin Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut Les Roises Offer $297 (Offer $330)
“…a wonderfully inviting, nuanced Champagne that captures the interplay of richness and freshness that this south-facing site is capable of. Apricot, melon, mint and exotic white flowers meld together in a dense, textured Champagne loaded with class and personality. This release is mostly 2014, with just 10% reserve wines from 2013. Most importantly, Les Roises is all class.” Antonio Galloni, Vinous

2015 Ulysse Collin Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut Les Maillons Offer $192 (Retail $213)
“Ample, creamy and also incredibly inviting. More than anything else, 2015 stands out for its textural sophistication and total class. Here too, the significant presence of 2014 reserve wines (60%) works beautifully in capturing an attractive interplay of fruit richness, savoury complexity and layers of texture. Gorgeous Pinot aromatics and flavours meld together in this striking, effortless Champagne.” Antonio Galloni, Vinous



2015 Ulysse Collin Rosé de Saignée Extra Brut Les Maillons Offer $230 (Retail $255)
“…stunning release with wave after wave of dark cherry and brambly fruits and chalky, mineral energy aplenty. There’s superb concentration thanks to the vintage but equally, there is no shortage of cut and thrust.” Rob Walters, Importer

2012 Ulysse Collin Rosé de Saignée Extra Brut Les Maillons Offer $230 (Retail $255)
Bottled in 2013 and disgorged in March 2019 with 2.4g/l. This is a recent disgorgement of Collin’s exceptional 2012 Rosé de Saignée – a release of just 500 bottles.
“This is really in a wonderful spot. You get all of that grenadine and nettle spice and intensity of the earlier release yet now the youthful fruitiness has morphed into something altogether more sophisticated with more textural depth, darker fruits with some nutty, earthy overtones and a long, chalky close. Lush yet still juicy and with a gentle twist of grip on the finish. A stunning example of this style.” Rob Walters, Importer