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Japan’s takeover of the whisky world has been simply spectacular. Their whiskies have soared in price, due to their supreme quality and insane rarity.  Sweeping awards and international recognition has stoked feverish collectors.  Supply cannot keep up, and distilleries are calling quits on a number of aged statements – they simply don’t have enough older material in barrel.

Prized for their elegance and detail, Japanese whiskies are finessed and beguiling beauties.  Their understated nature makes them a joy to sip slowly, time and consideration help reveal their charms.   

We’ve put together an offering of some very rare and non-aged whiskies.  These remarkable whiskies will make a whisky lover very happy.


Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 700ml – $137
Named after the founder and godfather of Japanese whisky, this blend of Miyagikyo & Yoichi distilleries has an average age of 10 years. Rich and heady orchard fruits with smokey complexity make for a rounded and long finish.

Nikka From the Barrel 51.4% (500ml) –  $89
Made from blended single malts from both the Miyagikyo and Yoichi distilleries along with a touch of grain whisky, this potent whisky is a hedonist’s dream.  Richer vanillin notes sit alongside dried fruits and cereal with a whisper of smoke.

Hibiki Harmony 43% (700ml) – $209
A harmonious blend of malt and grain whiskies from three distilleries; Miyagikyo, Yoichi and Chita. This bright and dazzling whisky spends time in five different oak types, adding to the layers of flavour – orange blossom, toffee and grass mix with vanilla and spice.

Yamazaki 12yo (700ml) – SOLD OUT
The flagship single malt of Japan, this is distilled at the Yamazaki distillery, Japan’s first and oldest distillery on the outskirts of Kyoto. Aged in a trio of three different wood finishes; sherry, bourbon & Mizunara (Japanese) this is a very sophisticated expression.
‘…lightly woody/sappy and delicately spicy; understated, deep and enticing aroma… midpalate stage shows off a richness that’s world-class, toffee-like and woody/resiny. Ends richly, understated, nutty/nougaty … www.spiritjournal.com

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