~ Just one glass for all your wines

Jancis Robinson is the world’s most eloquent, authorative and down to earth wine-lover.  She knows wine. She tastes daily and off-duty she loves to open wine with friends and family. There could be no better person to design a wine glass.  Alongside Richard Brendon, a young upcoming product designer, they have created a gossamer thin hand-blown wine glass. Just one glass for all your wines.

I have spent 42 years trying to make wine as approachable and as pleasurable as possible and sincerely believe that just one glass for all wines makes perfect practical sense. 

One glass to take care of all your wines; from Kabinett to TBA, Champagne to sherry, pinot, port and beyond! These glasses are fine and beautiful to hold, but one of their best assets -they are dishwasher-friendly.  No more breaking glasses the morning after when you’re bleary eyed.  Just load up the dishwasher.  This is why we love Jancis, she understands life and wine are meant to be enjoyed to the max.

You won’t have to second guess yourself on which glass to serve with which wine. And you’ll save on space with a set of these versatile hand-crafted glasses.  While a different shaped glass may heighten the aromatics and flavours slightly, the demand on space is an inconvenience. These glasses have been precision-engineered for your enjoyment to capture wines aromas, flavours and texture. They are refined and timeless in shape. 

Jancis Robinson Collection

The Wine Glass
Twin Pack     $132
Six Pack         $387 

The Young Wine Decanter $176

Decanter Jancis Robinson Young wine

This also doubles as a magnum decanter.  Jancis loves it for young wines as it has a large bowl for ‘swooshing’ (she refers to it fondly as the swooshing decanter).  A great decanter to get air into a young and coy wine, making it reveal its mutli-dimensional personality earlier.

We have a very limited amount of these wine packs and decanters. Jancis recently visited Australia, and captured the hearts of many in the trade.  As our enamoured General Manager Bengt, nicely summed up meeting his wine hero ‘straightforward, yet sophisticated and insightful; always room for just the right turn of phrase….Yours is a truly tireless curiosity that celebrates the limitless diversity in wine and culture.’ 

Cheers to you Mrs Robinson!

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