We’re awash with a flood of new gins, from both Australia and abroad, and we couldn’t be happier! While we may not have snow for the festive season, we do have the heat, which makes a g & t taste even better! Don’t get us wrong, we happily drink gin all year round, but when the sun is out, an icy cold fragrant gin is a beautiful tonic. Over ice with a wedge of citrus, paired with tonic or in its suave martini form (007, hello?), here are some of the most exciting gins around for you to swill on. It’s versatile and delicious, can be served pre or post dinner and works a treat on its own.

Never Never Triple Juniper Gin 43% (500ml) $69
Coming out of suburban Adelaide, the Never Never Distilling Co. is a mix of three industry veterans, who really know their stuff! Unique to their gin, they use juniper three different ways; partially steeped, in the pot as well as in the vapour.  Juniper overload it isn’t….
Pine needle, brushed rosemary, lemon oil…Long and complex with a rich creaminess… changing dynamic of juniper, first bright and fragrant that develops into an earthy more resinous finish. The length is long and luxurious.’ neverneverdistilling.com.au

Adelaide Hills Distillery Green Ant Gin 42% (700ml) $119
A unique Australian styled gin, this is a collaboration between Adelaide Hills Distillery and the indigenous owned Something Wild Beverages.  Revered for their medicinal properties and protein content, green ants are a treasured food source amongst outback Aboriginal communities. The green ants are distilled in the gin and remain in the bottle give it a shake and they float about. They have a refreshing orange sherbet and limey flavour, providing a vibrant kick to this delicate gin. Other botanicals include native juniper, finger lime, strawberry gum, lemon myrtle & pepper berry.


Gin fanatic George Burgess designed and built his own still, ‘Emily,’ to produce the smoothest possible spirit from a copper pot still (minus the direct heat and rusticity associated). Based in Devonport, in northern Tasmania, his gins explore the natural features such as the sea (Bass Strait) and Cradle Mountain.

The three gins in the range, represent mountain, meadow and ocean – reflecting both place and season, by using the micro fauna of the environment captured in a single time.  They are ‘seasonally batched’ providing a momentary glimpse into the time and place, that keeps you coming back for more!

Tasmanian Ocean Gin 42% (700ml) $109
12 botanicals lead by echoes of wakame seaweed from the chilly Tasman Sea. Complex + layered, it has aromas of seaweed and ocean spray mingled with fresh rose petal, nori, jasmine and roast peanut flavours. Beautiful in a G & T, garnish with sliced breakfast radish.

Tasmanian Meadow Gin 45% (700ml) $109
15 botanicals showcase the lavender and oranges picked from local gardens and fields. Wild meadow florals like lavender and sage with overtones of freshly picked oranges, remind you more of the Amalfi Coast than Bass Strait. The sweet, hot palate gives way to an echo of juniper. G & T garnish; ruby grapefruit.

Tasmanian Mountain Gin 45% (700ml) $109
A classic London Dry style with a Tassie twist has 11 botanicals that hero the native pepper berries and herbs found on the way to Cradle Mountain. Wildly fragrant alpine freshness, juniper, coriander and Tasmanian highland pepper berries with a hint liquorice root. G&T garnished with a fresh sprig of lavender.

Dodd’s Gin 49.9% (500ml) $97

Punching higher in alcohol, this full bodied gin is robust and heady.  Beautifully textured, its botanicals include juniper, angelica, fresh lime peel, red raspberry leaf, bay laurel, green & black cardamom, and London honey.
‘The mouthfeel is very silky, which distracts you initially from the high, fresh, and brightly warm perfume. You’re inside a pine forest eating a ras el hanout baklava.” Dave Broom, Gin: The Manual – Veteran spirits expert Dave Broom gives this beautifully evocative impression

Dodd’s Kew Organic Gin 46% (700ml) $87

A collaboration between Dodd’s and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew UK, which is home to the largest collection of rare and treasured plants in the world.  Less juniper lead than Dodd’s, this delicious gin has five types of citrus (lemon, lime, pink grapefruit peel, orange peel and bergamot peel) and a selection of organic plants form the garden including santolina, rosemary, lavender, galangal and passionflower. A firm staff favourite! Includes a beautiful gift box for the constant gardener.

Dodd’s Old Tom Organic Gin (500ml) $83

Traditionally slightly sweeter in style and popular in the 18 & 19th centuries where the role of sugar masked imperfections. Dodd’s use no added sweetening agent, relying instead on a high dose of liquorice to impart its natural sweetness. Also in the botanical mix are fennel seed, lemon peel and that healthy dose of liquorice providing the sweetness credentials essential to this style of gin.

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