One of Rome’s best and most respected cocktail bars, The Jerry Thomas Project, is the brains behind the excellent ‘Del Professore’ vermouths, hailing from Piedmont.  Named after the iconic bartender and cocktail pioneer Jerry Thomas, aka ‘The Professor’ they are spicy and detailed, and delicious enough to serve neat. Two vermouths are available, with both base wines made from moscato, fortified to 18% and infused with 13 herbs and spices.  While the sweet bianco is released with prime youthfulness and exuberance, the ‘rosso’ has seen extended time in old barrels, adding layers of texture and complexity, with a rustic tone to the fruit.

Two serving suggestions from the The Jerry Thomas Project are:

~ Negroni– dry gin, Campari, vermouth; so simple to make and very rewarding in flavour. Equal measures of each over ice, lightly stirred. Garnish with a slice of orange or lemon for a more subtle citrus lift.

~ Negroni sbagliato, created in Bar Basso, Milano.  Invented in the early 1970’s, a busy barman accidentally grabbed a bottle of prosecco instead of gin, breathing life to the negroni sbagliato (negroni mistake). Equal parts vermouth and Campari to a double serve of  prosecco

Prices on the Bianco $46, and the Rosso $49

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