It’s an exciting time to drink whisky, whether you’re chasing smokey peat, a rich and nutty sherry finish drop, or even an elegant and pretty Japanese whisky, read on because we’ve got you covered.



Cadenhead Islay 7yo 57.6% $192

Independent bottler Cadenhead managed to secure a few barrels from Laphroaig for this fiery dram.  It’s plentiful on power and torque with briney notes of smoke and kelp transporting you to the blustery seaside. A damn fine peaty cask strength.


Blackadder Raw Cask Peat Reek 61.3% $183

One for the peaty purists. Drawn straight from the cask (so no watering down) at a whopping 61.3% with charismatic chunky bits in the bottom. This is what we imagine a fuming dragon’s breath would taste like.


Caol Ila Distillers Edition 11yo 43% $152
Finished off in moscatel casks, the synergy between the peaty Caol Ila spirit and the unctuously sweet barrels works beautifully, giving a faint whisper of richness on the finish.



Spencer Collings 10yo Blended Malt 54.8% $188

Rumour has it this is a blend of single malts from Glenfarclas, Glenmorangie & Caol Ila.  Its richness and depth comes from time spent in a trio of barrels; sherry, bourbon and madeira. Seriously smooth and unctuous.


Bushmills 16yo Triple Wood 40% $202

After the smashing success of Japanese whiskies recently, it has been said that the Irish set will be the next to go sky high.  This has great age on it and as the name suggests is finished in three woods; oloroso, bourbon and port.  Bright, lifted and ethereal!


Wolfburn Northland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 46% $101

A newcomer by face, but backed by a tonne of experience, the twist here is putting Highland spirit into ex-Islay casks.  It’s oh so peppery and with a sprightly step invigorates the palate.  A whisky for a tequila lover.


Springbank Organic 13yo Green Sherry Casks 46% $167

One of our best sellers, and proudly organic! The distillery sums it up well …’palate is fruity with raisins and orange zest to the fore. Marzipan, vanilla and soft sherry notes are also present.’ Springbank Distillery


Hazelburn 2007 9yo Barolo Cask Finish (57.9%) $165

Hazelburn is Springbank’s non peated whisky.  After spending six years in bourbon oak it is finished off for another three in ex-Barolo casks.


If you can get your hands on these beauties they will certainly reward you many times over.  Prized for their elegance and detail, Japanese whiskies have reached astronomical heights in terms of their cost.  Here are a few delights that won’t burn a hole in your pocket (well perhaps a few may!).



White Oak whiskies are extremely rare as their stills are only run for one month every year.  Based just out of Kobe, their elegant whiskies have built a cult reputation.


White Oak Akashi Black 40% (500ml) $67
This blend of single malt and grain whisky is aged for just under 4 years.   Very smooth with delicates notes of citrus and florals.


White Oak Tokinoka Japanese Whisky 40% (500ml) $95
Another blended whisky with a higher proportion of malt to grain. Tokinika translates to ‘fragrance of time’.  Not sure what these means exactly, but its appeal is its ethereal nature and silky presence.


Nikka From the Barrel 51.4% (500ml) $74
Made from blended single malts from both the Miyagikyo and Yoichi distilleries along with a touch of grain whisky, this potent whisky is a hedonist’s dream.  Richer vanillin notes sit alongside dried fruits and cereal with a whisper of smoke.


Japan’s largest distillery has the good fortune of amazing resources thanks to many years of investment.  Sadly, their stocks are running low, especially when it comes to age statements.


Hakushu 12yo (700ml) SOLD OUT

Coming across an age statement is rare these days.  From the Hakushu distillery which is set amidst spectacular pine forests close to the Japanese Alps at 700m altitude, this is centered around bright fruits with subtle match stick notes.


Yamazaki 12yo 43% (700ml) SOLD OUT

Named after Suntory’s distillery in Yamazaki, just outside of Kyoto, this is a lush and ripe whisky with detail and refinement on the finish.  It sees maturation in three types of oak; Spanish, American and Japanese.  A beautiful 12yo with great charisma.


Hakushu 18yo 35% (700ml) SOLD OUT

As mentioned above the purity of the natural environment is second to none at the Hakushu distillery, the water is rated as the best in Japan. With extra age, the complexity deepens while the harmonious delivery is maintained.

Yamazaki 18yo 43% (700ml) SOLD OUT

Lauded with many awards, this sits at the pinnacle of Suntory’s expressions.  Rare as a hen’s tooth, could the price continue to soar?  We think so as it’s an incredible whisky!


Hibiki 17yo 43% (700ml) SOLD OUT

Hibiki meaning ‘harmony’ paints the picture for this lovely blended whisky.  Over 50% of the blend is made from single malts, impressive stuff!


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