As you know, the culinary competition between Victoria and New South Wales can be fierce. But what happens when you throw four more states in the mix? It’s knives and crackers at the ready as the country’s best cheese and wine pairings are tested. And you can take front seat in the referee box.

Join our Cheesemonger, Victor & Winebuyer Jeremy, as they tour six states of Australia, checking in on their best cheese and wines. Discover how these cheeses and wines are made and why they taste the way they do. Is it simply a case of ’what grows together, goes together?’ Let’s find out.

Six major players have thrown their hat in the ring for this cheese and wine playoff:

~ Queensland
~ New South Wales
~ Victoria
~ Tasmania
~ South Australia
~ Western Australia

Be on the front line as we explore Australia’s exploding artisan cheese industry. Confident, exciting new styles of cheese are emerging, no longer do we need to simply try to mimic our European counterparts. A parallel movement has been evolving in the wine game too.

Gather your friends for a relaxed and intimate evening in the Cheese Cellar with Victor and Jeremy as your guides. You’ll try six wines and cheeses from six states of Australia. Be prepared to put your marks where your mouth is, and help decide the winner!



DATE: Wednesday 11 September 2019
TIME: 6.30-8pm
PLACE: Spring Street Cheese Cellar ~ Downstairs, 157 Spring Street, Melbourne
COST: $95 per person
WHAT: Six cheeses and six wines from six states of Australia

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