We are major sellers of champagne and are happy to answer questions and offer advice on the key styles, be it a favourite house, a small quality minded grower producer or a grand marque.

And knowing that there are occasions that call for bubbly without it being champagne, our fridges are also stocked with high quality sparkling wines from both Australia and abroad:

Prosecco • Franciacorta • Vouvray • Crèmant • Sparkling Red • Lambrusco • Moscato d’Asti

Champagne Doyard

Our house champagne is one we import exclusively into Australia, Champagne Doyard. Nestled in the chardonnay village of Vertus in the Côtes des Blancs with ten hectares of vines, Champagne Doyard has a family history of viticulture dating backto 1677. Yannick Doyard has been making wine since he was 18 and since 1981 he has guided the fortunes of this small qualityminded grower Champagne house.

Small, obsessively fastidious and thoughtful Champagne producers like Doyard are rare and treasured, as he has a winegrowing philosophy based on producing the best wines possible even if it contravenes fiscal sensibilities.

Meticulous care is taken in the vineyards and to ensure high quality fruit, 50% of the harvest is sold off. Only the first portionof the press is used and Doyard avoids chaptalisation, resulting in artisan wines that offer wonderful expression and a unique glimpse of what Champagne should be.