Not exactly sure what all the hype about Jura is? This once isolated, lesser known region climbs beyond Burgundy, into the majestic foothills of France’s alpine borders. With the spotlight being shone on this unique region, we are only just tapping into what it has to offer. We’re excited about Jura, and we know you will be too, especially its wine and cheese offerings!

Jura is a hotpot of exciting and original whites, providing a gamut of styles from the fresh and crisp savagnin and chardonnays which are topped up (ouillé, pronounced “oo-yay”), to the oxidative, rich and nutty styles. Minerality is a recurrent theme, that threads both styles together.  And then there’s the holy grail, vin jaune!

As for the reds, don’t be fooled by their paler profiles, their lively and crunchy personalities reverberate with refreshment.  Poulsard (or ploussard by another name), pinot noir and trousseau are the regional specialties.

But all of this may sound a little confusing and dry on paper, the best way to learn about Jura is to taste and drink the region. So read on as we’re putting on a Jura Tasting.

Offering a rare insight into this border region’s most prestigious produce, join our Head Cheesemonger Victor Persinette and Wine Buyer Jeremy Prideaux for an evening of rare wines, cheeses and jovial banter, direct from the Jura and surrounds.

Focusing on the finer details of alpine cheese, Victor will guide you through the history and produce of this protected region. A variety of styles will be explored, demonstrating the impact of the ageing process on both flavour and texture – starring the benchmark Comté – lovingly crafted in this region for centuries.

Jez will match some vinous examples from the Jura, including savagnin, poulsard and the magical Vin Jaune. Wines from this region are among the most unusual in circulation – electric, textural, vinous and unique. Made from indigenous varieties and offering unexpected flavours that can often be hard to navigate , it’s sure to generate lively conversation.

Grab some friends and join us as we taste the best of the region. Home to some of the world’s most distinctive alpine cheese & equally fascinating wines, this evening will be a magic carpet ride for you and your tastebuds.

Book into Jura Cheese & Wine

WHERE: Spring Street Cheese Cellar, enter via Spring Street Grocer, 157 Spring St Melbourne 3000
WHEN: Thursday 30 May 2019
TIME: 6.30-8.00pm
FEATURING: Cheese and wine from Jura alongside banter from our Head Cheesemonger and Sommelier
COST: $95 per person

TO BOOK: Click here to book via Trybooking or contact Rebekah on (03) 9654 6657