In the morning, from the bar there is a continental style breakfast of coffee, pastries, juice and toast. At noon the kitchen offers soup, salads & hot meals from the blackboard menu along with daily specials and desserts.

The blackboard menu changes regularly, so apart from some old immovable favourites, you’re likely to try something new each time you pull up a stool at the bar. From 10am – 11:30pm, we offer a selection of small winefood dishes and cheeses to go with your glass. All cheeses are selected and matured for us by the team next door at the Spring Street Cheese Cellar.


Toasted muesli 9.5
Toasted casalinga bread & spreads 7
Fruit toast 8
Toasted tomato & cheese sandwich 9.5
Toasted ham & cheese sandwich 10.5
Toasted ham, tomato & cheese sandwich 11.0
Buffalo mozzarella, tomato & basil 11.0
Freshly baked croissant 4 w spreads 4.5
Muffins 3.5
Friand 3
Assorted pastries 3.5
Slices 3.5
Mini-cakes 2
Amaretti & biscotti 1.5

(served till midday)


Oysters (each) 4
Olives & almonds 8.5
Mixed roasted nuts 7.5
Polenta chips, sour cream & chives 10.5
English cheddar w piccalilli 9.5
Buffalo mozzarella w grilled pear & smoked honey 15.5
– add house-made prosciutto 19.5
Saganaki w balsamic vinegar-poached wild figs 14
Smoked salmon w sour cream & chives 50G 13.5
Pastrami & sauerkraut on dark spiced rye 13.5
House terrine w pear chutney & grilled sourdough 15.5
Charcuterie w rillettes & terrine 16.5
Pâté de foie gras 25G 24.5

(served from 10am – 11.30pm)


Soup of the day 15.5
Charred corn & quinoa salad 23
Penne & beef ragù 26
Spaghetti w meatballs 25
Gnocchi 26
Chicken risotto 26
Niçoise 30.5
CWS schnitzel 29.5
T-bone steak 29.5

(served from midday – 11pm)


Matured for us by Spring Street Cheese CellarAll cheese is served individually in 50g portions

Délice de Bourgogne, Burgundy France 15
Holy Goat, Sutton Grange Vic 15
Époisses, Burgundy France 16
Chevrerousse, Lombardy France 16
Jersey blue, Lichtenstein Switzerland 15
Gutshofer Truffle, Twente Netherlands 16

(served until 11.30pm)

*Please be advised that menus are subject to change without notice
15% surcharge applies on sundays & public holidays