A wine selection to please all your guests while you take care of the food.  Let us do the fixing for you!  We haven’t scrimped when it comes to this very special day. To start, serve a filigreed bottle of Champagne, then follow on with a slatey, savoury bottle of German riesling.  A textural rosé that is a versatile match for nearly anything (or simply delicious on its own), followed by a vibrant grenache blend that works well chilled.  We’ve enacted the charms of an Italian nebbiolo to serve with mains, be it roasted vegetables or meaty delights, and to finish, a spicy syrah from Mornington that charms with its evocative nature.  We hope you have a relaxing day and get to spend it with loved ones.

Veuve Fornay Grande Réserve Champagne – $64
The only way to kick off a celebration is with Champagne, and this one is a beauty! This minerally, chardonnay dominant wine hails from Vertus, one of the prized villages of the Côtes du Blancs in Champagne.  Delicately framed with subtle notes of green apple, crushed rock and honeysuckle, this exquisite Champagne signs off with a long savoury tail that makes for a perfect aperitif. 

2017 Christmann Riesling, Pfalz Germany – $38
Christmann for Christmas – perfect! 2017 German wines shimmer with intensity, a result of the concentration brought about by frost damage. This textural and savoury riesling delights with aromas of golden apples, mandarin and white blossoms.  Its honeyed core complements slate and pithy tones, while a salivating sweep of acidity livens the palate.  A beautiful match for cured salmon.

2018 Precipice Rosé, Yarra Valley VIC – $26
If you could drink rosé based on colour, this would be top of the tops.  Luckily, it’s as delicious as its colour suggests. Marty Singh is part of the stellar Oakridge winemaking team, and Precipice is his own label.  This shiraz rosé has great depth and persistence, not an easy feat when making rosé; leave it in contact with the grape skins too long and it becomes too dark and rugged, too little and it’s lacklustre.  This slippery wine evokes rosehip and raspberry notes with an upfront vibrancy and lovely resonance.

2017 Ferrand Côtes du Rhône Mistral, Rhône Valley France – $30
Grenache is the perfect Christmas wine, it’s heady fruit lusciousness and velvet like texture taps into the lavishness that is Christmas day. This blend of grenache and syrah with a splash of cinsault and mouvèdre comes from vines skirting the revered Châteauneuf du Pape AOP.  Unlike some other grenaches that tend to the heavy weight division, this middleweight fighter has freshness that cries out for more than one glass.  And if it’s a hot day, serve this with a touch of chill.

2015 Matteo Correggia Roero Nebbiolo, Piedmont Italy – $40
This small family owned winery has been a favourite of ours for many years.  The wines always seem pure and fresh with an articulated structure that never impedes the fruit, but rather supports.  This 2015 release is one of the best to date; briary, blackcurrant and licorice aromas fill the mouth while the tell-tale tannins of nebbiolo form a supportive spine.  This wine works brilliantly with heavier meat dishes and roasted vegetables.

2017 Yabby Lake Syrah, Mornington Pensinsula VIC – $36
Not one of the main stablemates of Mornington, spicy syrah has an affinity for the region and we’re very thankful to producers such as Yabby Lake for bringing it to us. This piquant and peppery syrah woos with evocative aromas of cassis, rosemary and allspice. Its effortless structure swoons across the palate with a chewy grip to finish. A delicious wine for mains or cheese.


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