The Farr family have been making wine just north of Geelong for quite some time now and their wines just keep getting better. It probably helps that 2015 was a cracking vintage across Victoria, but the ’15 pinots are the best we’ve ever tasted from the estate.

Based on limestone and red volcanic rock, the Sangreal vineyard is the warmer site while the Farrside is cooler and has darker soils, often being picked a week later. Both get lashings of new wood and whole bunches, but the wines just seem to chew it up and move on with increased complexity and without showing any obvious signs of tinkering.

The Sangreal has a wonderful spice note on the nose and charming floral characters, while the Farrside is more darkly fruited, with more structure and a velvety texture. It’s a more red fruited, elegant palate in the Sangreal. Both have a saline note and great acidity that gives persistence and delicacy.

They might be able to last for decades, but they never stay long on the shelves.

2015 By Farr Farrside Pinot Noir, Geelong

2015 By Farr Sangreal Pinot Noir, Geelong